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     Born on August 8, 1969, in Beijing, Faye was originally named Fei Wang.  Her mom sang in a Chinese revolutionary music troupe and her father was a mining engineer.  After 18 years of living in China, she and her family moved to Hong Kong in 1987.  Without any friends and not being able to speak Cantonese, she attended modeling classes to relieve herself of boredom.  Although Faye's slim figure was perfect for modeling, she decided not to pursue a modeling career.  Later Faye was introduced to Di An Tsong by her father for singing lessons.  After 2 years of lessons, her teacher introduced her to Cinepoly records.  They gave her a stage name, Shirley, and poured her into perky dresses and supplied her with standard ballads in the Hong Kong genre known as Canto-pop.  After 3 albums Faye put her stardom on hold to go to New York city for several months.  Once there, she took some short term classes for singing and dancing.  New York made her more independent and gave her more self-confidents.  She also  frequently visited Beijing which gave her the chance to experience Chinese rock and roll. Returning to Hong Kong, she released the album Coming Home.  The song Fragile Woman or Woman Which Gets Hurt Easily made Faye very well known and more popular than ever.  Soon she changed her name back from Shirley Wong Ching Man, to Faye Wong.  Faye began moving away from commercial music to music that is more alternative.  She began to write her own songs and designed her own clothes for concerts.  On January 3, 1997 Faye's baby girl Dou Jing Tong was born.  Tong's father, Dou Wei, is a member of a Chinese rock band name Black Panther.  He had collaborated with Faye to produce the alternative album Restless.  After Tong Tong's birth Faye had to constantly dodge the media to give her baby girl more privacy.  During August 1997, Faye signed with EMI for a rumored HK $80 million.  In September of 97, she released her first album under EMI entitled Faye Wong which included some beautiful yet still formulaic commercial songs.  Finally during October 98, Faye released the highly anticipated album Sing & Play, which included 4 of Faye's own creations including one which was written for her daughter called Tong.  At the end of 1998, Faye began her concerts in HK and will start touring throughout Asia, and North America.