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     Faye held concerts from Dec. 24, 98 - Jan. 9, 99 in HK this year. It was said that $40 million was used to make this concert.  The Hong Kong (Hung Hum) Coliseum was used and held over 12,000 people each night.  Many tiny stages, and platforms were used in which Faye had to often hop from one place to another.  These dangerous "stunts" were insured for Faye for approximately $20 million. In order to make the concert better, Faye herself used over 300,000 francs for costumes and used designers from HK and Japan to design her stage clothes.
Boris's Faye Concert Experience 
(Taken from the Faye Wong Mailing List):

I just got back from my HK trip and I haven't quite gotten over the excitement of the concert yet. It's the best show I've ever seen in my life. Definitely worth the flight!  

I went on Dec 26. night. On my way to the coliseum the taxi driver said Faye is the coolest female singer in HK. I thought to myself, what a nice start. After arriving at 7:00 I took some pics with the huge hedgehog, and then went memorabilia shopping. Some items had run out of stock, such as short-sleeve T-shirts (it was only the 3rd night!). What a shame I couldn't collect them all.  

The show itself was of course the best part. Faye's singing was great even though she had to move around the stage a lot (not dancing, but taking care of the audiences at all four sides). She didn't talk much (only 3-4 times), but the interaction between her and the audience was still pretty hot. Like when she asked us "did you buy the hedgehog stuff sold outside the coliseum?", one audience yelled "of course we did! Now you made a fortune (fat dat)!" And Faye replied, "don't you like it when I make a fortune?" So cute...  

The band was amazing too. Many songs were differently arranged from their album counterparts, given a heavier and fuller feel. At certain moments it almost sounded like a rock concert. As a whole the show was very music- oriented, as Faye had previously promised. The music came first, and all the rest was just complemental. The entire show was divided into several segments, each segment with its own music flow. Some upbeat and happy (Dream Person / Sleepwalking / Being Criminal), some acoustic and simple (Nostalgia / Awaken), some psychedelic and anesthetizing (Doomsday / Decadence / Angel - my fave part), and some emotional and heart-breaking (Scandalous / Brink / Dated).  

The songs were somehow slightly different from at the first night as reported by Didar. To my disappointment Faye didn't sing Don't Break My Heart that night! Maybe the HK audience weren't so familiar with that song so it was just deleted from the song list. Neither did she sing Red Bean. I was expecting her to sing Red Bean or Repayment all night but she didn't. It's really weird. Could it be time's running short or what? Also the rundown's a bit different too. On Sat night Faye sang Dated right after YH, followed by I'm Willing and then she ended the show with No Regret.  

As for the stage design I think it's a bit too complicated. Faye had to rush to certain points of the stage in time for the devices to take her up or down. During Di-dar / Exit / Give Up Halfway Faye had to go up in the air on the highly lifted parts of the stage and she had to step from this part to another part totally unprotected. Meanwhile she needed to sing and smile and wave at the audience. It's almost acrobatic. I really see no need for such dangerous action, even though it did make the audience go crazy. Hope they can cancel this dangerous part since they can cancel songs.  The lights were great (and certainly much less risky) though. They created the right mood for each song. Take Lost Track for example, a mixed ray of light of yellow, green, purple and pink was focused on Faye. Not only did it match the atmosphere of the song but it's also reminiscent of the Di-dar album. Such elaborate design. The show ended at around 11:10. You think that's the end of the story? NO!! As I was crossing the road to get a cab, I noticed a small crowd had gathered near the car exit and I heard screams of Faye's name. It was Faye in the car! I ran at the speed of 100m race down to that car and I saw Faye! The car windows were kinda black but I could clearly see Faye and Tong-tong inside. Faye had washed away her makeup, looking very fresh and happy. She was holding cute little Tong-tong on her lap. As the car started to move in to the traffic flow I sped all I could up to the car and waved at Faye. Faye smiled and waved back at me! She then took Tong-tong's little hand to wave at me (the way she always did to the reporters)! I was happy! Faye and Jing-tong waved at me! It still gives a thrill as I recall now. So, Fayenatics who are going to see the concert, remember not to leave the coliseum too soon after the show, stay at the car exit and you may get a chance to wave at Faye!! 

Didar's Faye Concert Experience 
(Taken from the Faye Wong Mailing List):

Tonight was the best night so far! The fans were crazy and lots of neon sticks.. I'm sure they will put this night out on LD,CD and VCD! hehe.. We got better recording this night cause we got a better microphone! hehe... so go to faye's cyberlinks to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and the COUNTDOWN to 1999! Just want to say Happy New Year too. About Bohemian Rhapsody.. The recording on dec 31.. Faye said "today you guys so high... I will miss the audience tonight.... the next song we practiced for a long time and also sang for so many nights already... so if you think the chorus sang really well, please give them a BIG applause!"....This song might be the song for Faye's mother cause the lyric have lots of "Mama"... listen for yourself.. it's so sad if she sing it for her mother! Faye was so touched tonight! We were so crazy! You can ask anyone that watch this night and they will say it's the best! Singapore fayenatics was here too tonight... During Dec 28, Faye show the singapore fayenatics with their BIG BANNER saying "Singapore"... haha.. so after the show Faye asked her crew member to tell the singapore fayenatics that she will sign autographs for them.. hehe.. I think they got about over 20 items signed by Faye.. they will tell you guys all about it when they arrive singapore tomorrow I think. I also got 7-8 signatures signed by Faye today too... Alvin Leong helped me.. he is so nice..... I told him I was from Canada and he said "wah.. so far ah... I get Faye's signature for you since you came so far to see her"... hehe.. so he got me 7-8 signature.. hehe..  
As for the countdown, Faye came out 1 minute earlier before 1999... she didn't know what to say.. so funny... she said "I don't know what to say.. you guys say something la...".. so cute... she keep asking how many seconds left... at one part she said ".. how many seconds left ah?.. wah.. 30 seconds ah... why don't we start counting down from 30 seconds!!"... so funny! Then when the last 10 seconds came Faye was so excited.. hehe.. a very memorable night! Faye said she didn't countdown on her 94 concert so this year was very special. She asked the fans if they want to do this again next year!! haha.. then she said "just joking la".. hehe.. I wish can countdown with her next year! Anyways... Here is who we saw so far at the concert... these people we saw and took pictures with them too! Dou wei was 1 feet away from me... I touched his hair.. so bold.. haha.. Then I saw Tong Tong 2 times already.. once on Dec 28 and tonight.. she was 5 feet away from me.. hehe... Faye see so many times already.. hehe... Katie was 5 feet from us too... got picture of her.. put it up when I get to canada... Today took picture with Zing and Alvin Leong... we got Zing's autograph..  Singapore Fayenatics got GROUP picture with Katie!! hehe.. can't wait to see that... too bad not a group pic with Faye. Anyways, that's all for now la... We saw everyone almost! Tong Tong so cute!

Review of Faye's Concert
(Translated by Winnie Yuan)

10,000 Changes and She's Still the Same Faye!!  

    Faye has been popular for so long, but she only had 2 concert tours held, compared to the rest of the HK pop stars, there's no doubt that she's more caring about her fan's wallets. Compared to her "if u want to watch, fine. if u don't want to watch, i don't care!!" attitude 4 yrs ago, it's obvious that becoming a mother has been more forgiving to her fans.  This time around she thanked her fans not only once,  she even said "wish you are all happy".  

    But she's still faye, so just like her song "exit", faye still hates being a superstar, but likes the attention.  She's always been a "i'm happy, that's why i'll let u be happy" type of singer, that's why her "best friends concert" with her friends NaYing and Jeff Cheung's performance,  is actually a side of faye we never seen before, so alive and vibrant!! it's just because she takes it as just playing with her friends.  That's why when she's holding her own concert with the same kind of work day after day, she doesn't like it the same way. That's also why she's keeping her voice soft, if you're hoping to see her sing songs like"summer of love", sorry but she's not Shirley Wong anymore. Would the real faye be so "un-trendy"??  

    Since Faye's most important accents are her voice and her music, even without special guest or dancers, Faye's still got the HK pop diva thing down with  wearing 99's newest trend-setting clothes, singing slow songs, and just standing there alone,!!  

   Faye's not good at talking in front of people, during the  whole concert she only said about 20 sentences, and sometimes when she's singing  with emotion, she would stand there with her eyes closed, not moving an inch.  Only when the backup is on will she turn around, that's why the 4 sided stage is not suited for the quiet faye. Good thing she has an understanding manager and company, who created a beautiful stage to distract the audience's attention.  Even faye's family are taken to stage to satisfy the audience.  With Faye's husband on drums, his sister on backup, and Duo Ying (Duo Wei's sister) 's boyfriend, yadong, on guitar. Even daughter Jing Tong is taken to stage, during the song "You're Happy So I'm Happy". They played some family clips, showing the family side of Faye.  

    Remember 4 yrs ago, when the audience in the same concert hall were shouting "encore", and faye said,  "how old fashioned, i knew you would  say that, i'll sing 2 songs after encore ". Now, even though she's  not as rude(??), she's never the kind that says, with tears in her eyes,  "thank you all for your support during all these years"  type of performer. When she says it's the last song, it means that it's the last song, and when it's finished the concert hall will light up for people to leave, and the audiences seems to understand that, so no one yells out "encore" anymore.  

The last song was "no regret", which faye wrote the lyrics for. She's always been truthful to her feelings, and this will never change.