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The FAYE WONG Mailing List
The Faye Wong International Fan Club Mailing List is for the discussion of Faye Wong. 
To Subscribe to the mailing list: email to fwong-request@mail.GAIANET.NET 
In the body of the message, put "subscribe email-address" where email-address is, of course, your own email address. 
A TEMPORARY Faye Wong Mailing List
is also available when the original Mailing list is down.  
To Subscribe to the mailing list: email to 
in the body of the message, put "subscribe".  
To Email to list: email to 
Fayenatics from the mailing lists have been incredibly busy for different projects and outings, We have just made a Fayenatics CD and some Faye T-shirts!     
For more info on this CD go to Josh's Fayevourite Faye Wong Page and Didnar-natic for some RA clips.     For more info on the Fayenatics T-shirt, again go to Josh's Page.
  WHO are we? 
Many of the Fayenatics have met with Faye the Queen herself! Do you want to know how it happened?  Do you wanna get a closer look at them? You can go to Megan's Exit , and the Intimately Faye site to learn more!