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 All About Ah Faye   
Contains Post cards, Games and most of all a lot of articles on Faye!  Including her very own autobiography. A Must See!
Unanimously Faye Is The Best  
Includes a very complete discography, and practically all songs of Faye in RA format.  The site also has very nice softwares of Faye for you to download.
Chunking Express in HK  
An informative site for those who are interested in where CKE is filmed.
Singapore Fayenatics  
As the name suggests, this site is created by a group of fayenatics in Singapore.  The most impressive part of the site are the RA clips of rare Faye performances, and interviews.
Faye's Cyberlink   
A very complete list of all the Faye sites on the web, With an article of Faye in TIME magazine and frequently updated faye news.
The best thing about this site is the amount of pictures the web creator has of Faye in MTVs and concerts, also the site is  frequently updated!
Other Great Faye Sites
Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere
Charming Faye
The Killa Bunny's Killer Faye Fetish
Soaring Faye