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Boredom is my most unbearable emotion. Anything, if not fresh, is like a flat soft drink; I wouldn't drink a drop.
I have never considered [music] as my career. Music is my interest. Whatever rewards that I may gain from it - in terms of money or fame - are just a bonus.  I don't have any ambitions or hopes to achieve recognition in this market, nor do I want to tackle the international market. This is not where I am coming from.
I don't have a fixed plan for future music directions.  I will go according to the way I feel. The things I like now may change after a year or so. My musical experiences and knowledge are undergoing non-stop changes. Maybe I will be the only one who will be  able to detect them but I will continue  to do what I hope to do. 
On whether she will quit singing:  
Maybe when I feel that it has became a chore or I do not feel like making music the main part of my life anymore I might quit. But that does not mean I will stop being involved with music. It is, after all, my interest. I might just do it for myself. There is a possibility this might happen, but when,  I do not know.
I do not intend to force collaboration with [Dou Wei].  Whenever we have an inspiration, we'll do it together. He helped me a lot [on "Song Tour"] , mainly by taking care of  my daughter.
On the importance of lyrics:  
For me, music is an image. Lyrics are not important.  If music itself convey messages, lyrics are unnecessary, though I don't try to get rid of lyrics... If the right words don't occur to me, there's no need for lyrics.
My style of singing is neither an inherent one nor my habit. It is originated in uncountable singers whose songs I have heard since I was born, and I think the style is suitable for my kind of music. I have learned from a lot of artists - some influenced me very much and others just a little. I think singers can treat their voices as instruments. How nice if you can master this "instrument" and create music you really like. There's a long way to go for me, though.
There has been a lot artists I've been influenced by. The very first singer was Teresa Teng, who led me to popular music. Black music, Rock, Sinead O'Connor, The Cranberries and singers in the  Mainland China who aren't so famous also influenced me.
Having a baby is one of the most important experiences for me, but I don't think my view of life has changed that much.  Whether you are single, married, or have a baby, it's still very important to be independent. I don't think it's good to rely on someone or something else. If I rely on my daughter, I can't anticipate anything at all.
On the possibility of  being in a Hollywood movie:  
I don't think of such a thing. I don't have a talent for acting and I'm not the fit to the task.
I don't have any inspiration when I'm happy. When you're really at ease, your senses and feelings are less sensitive. 
On religion:  
I really don't know why I became a Buddhist. I think there are many difficulties in life; there are many problems you cannot overcome. Whether or not you can overcome these difficulties depends on the way you look at it, it depends on whether you know how to deal with them. Many people have trouble coping with their problems, and I think religion can help us in this respect.