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All British Columbia Fayenatics Unite! 
Below is a list of Fayenatics living in BC.  Outings info will be posted soon.
Vancouver Fayenatics’ Meeting
Date: April 24 
Time: 1:30pm 
Place to meet: Front door of Melody Shake Karoke
1150-4380 No. 3 Rd.  Richmond, in Parker Place Shopping Center
Cost:  $5 - $11 for 2 to 3 hours singing (drinks and other payment are  
not added yet) 
Goal: This meeting is for us to know each other and discuss about Faye
Note: If u don't like to sing u could still come.  If we find out that 50% or more ppl in the meeting don't want to sing, then we  will change to another 
place where we like to go and we can have a nice chat.  If the 
above date and/or time is not a good time for u please contact :
Minnie at
Name  Sex Age  City Email ICQ # Language 
Teresa F 18  Vancouver  13876165 Chinese, English
2 Corinna  Yu  F 19 Richmond 5459149 Chinese, English
3 Minnie Poon F 16 Richmond
9769912 Chinese, English 
4 Stephen Huynh M 22 Vancouver 5600993  Cantonese,English
5 Charles Yee  M 17 Vancouver 1017693 Cantonese,English
6 Anthony Kong M 16 Richmond 34229097 Chinese, English
7 Tammy Chu F 20 Surrey 2984044 Cantonese,English
8 Dith F 18 Vancouver 6310732 Cantonese
9 Heather F 19 Vancouver 1741274 Cantonese,English
10 Vito Sze M 17 Vancouver 802230 Cantonese,English
11 Laura F 20 Vancouver 9725118 Cantonese,English
Would you like to be added to the list? 
Fill in the form below and you will be added in several days.




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ICQ# (UIN):    

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Sex: Female Male   

Pressing the "Submit" button once is sufficient.  Thank You!